It's Snacktime!

Get cozy with the tasty, crunchy, feel-good snack of the night—it's a perfect complement to your evening.


Behind the Scenes
with Raisin Bran Crunch®

Starring tasty sweet raisins, crispy wheat flakes and crunchy oat clusters. Featuring fiber, whole grain, vitamins & minerals.

We give it two out of two scoops! See More


A feel-good snack!


Inside the Cereal Box Office
with Krave

Starring a wickedly crunchy outside and a supremely smooth chocolatey filling inside—with fiber, 9 whole grains and vitamins & minerals.

It's a must-snack! See More


Easy on the conscience!

Ohhh So Right

Special K® Red Berries:
Appearing in Stores Near You

Starring crunchy rice, wheat flakes and real strawberries—with fiber, 8g whole grain, vitamin D and folic acid in supportive roles.

This snack is bursting with goodness! See More


A drama-free snack!


Crunch on a variety of tasty Kellogg's cereals for a feel-good snack tonight. See More